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Greenaddress Customer Support Number 1-844-532-1333 USA

Greenaddress Customer Support Number 1-844-532-1333 USA

Why should we keep the Greenaddress Customer Support Number always?

Greenaddress is an open source wallet, free to use with multi-user facility. So, you may operate one wallet among two or more people and once their signature is there, the transaction will go through. You can use it for both desktop and mobile platforms. It is considered a fancy wallet due to the many extra features it offers you. This is the first wallet to offer you 2FA, Dynamic Fees, HD, and MultiSig to Wallets. There is no fees for installing and using Greenaddress. The Chrome extension adds another protective layer when it comes to the signing up process. In case of any queries, you can call them on their Greenaddress Phone number for Support.

Greenaddress creates a password and a mnemonic. When you use it, it creates a  second mnemonic that allows you to view the original key.  You solve the problem of double spending by using Instant Confirmation check box. For multi signed payments, they make use of a trusted third party to speed up the operations.

Issues with Greenaddress

  • It allows you to store only Bitcoin in this wallet.
  • This wallet may not suit a beginner.
  • Set up time takes much longer than other normal platforms.
  • If you enter your PIN incorrectly three times, you can get back only with your password.
  • There is no control over third party or servers.
  • You can pick from 12 different language settings. This might be helpful for those who like to use their local lingo.


It is a wise person that keeps the Greenaddress Customer Support number 1-844-532-1333 with him always.

For detailed info kindly visit the official website:- https://greenaddress.it/ and raise a ticket there.

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